About me

Hi all!

My nickname is Catfluoride and this is my little personal corner on the Internet. I am just another guy with lots of interests and not much free time.

I’m a postdoc researcher in Physics,  a metal neophyte and a guitar abuser (i.e., I own a guitar and I’m trying to learn how to play it as a self-learner. Spoiler: I’ll always suck at it). I’m a hopeless nerd, and I’m into science, privacy, tech, linux, books, sci-fi and good music.

I’m a catless cat person, since my two friends, Oreste and Vlad, crossed the rainbow bridge.

Quoting Bruce Banner: “I’m always angry.”

My all-time favorite quote is : “There is no spoon” (from The Matrix).

While you’re here, feel free to try my SearxNG instance: searx.catfluori.de. Please note that it does not support Google, not even indirectly (for instance, Startpage is also unavailable). Access to Google, YouTube and Startpage has been activated, as of 11/06/2023. This is due to the need of keeping backup engines, ad DDG, Quant, Brave ad others often temporarily ban the instance. This is by personal choice. Also, my instance does not list results from Amazon, as I actively boycott it.
Other nice instances of the SearX or SearXNG privacy respecting search engines may be found on searx.space.

Feel free to follow me (and contact me) using my Mastodon profile.

Hope you have a great day!