Server changed to ARM

In view of saving a few pennies (yes, I’m cheap AF :-P), this blog and have been migrate to a cheaper ARM server (specifically CAX11 from Hetnzer). It took a couple of hours to fot the migration and quite a few manual intervention. But so far, so good!

Google, YouTube and Startpage activated on

I have (temporarily)? activated access to Google, YouTube and Startpage on my SearXNG instance. This was done because other search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Qwant and Brave often temporarily banned my instance, so search was difficult, if not impossible. I’m not a big fan of Google or Youtube (quite the opposite, actually), but hey… At … Continue reading "Google, YouTube and Startpage activated on"

Hello world! – Part 2

I finally caved in and managed to install WordPress. This was done because I needed a more flexible and manageable blog. All the previous entries have been shamelessly copied from You wouldn’t start a blog with just an “Hello world!”, would you? 😉 Hop you have fun and maybe also find some useful info … Continue reading "Hello world! – Part 2"

New domain

Changing the domain This server will soonᵗᵐ change its domain to is defunct

Following some shitty DMCA request from someone who doesn’t understand the difference between a web host and a proxy, has been taken down. Sorry, folks!

A new Nitter instance!

Hi all! A nitter instance has been added to, hosted at Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to use it directly or with Privacy Redirect. Bye!